Ikot meh!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

demam, selsema n batuk.. apekah???




oh my GOD.. why does it happen to me?? it's final week.. come on.. heal me, wanna study for my next paper.. please!! there is a story to tell...

it's about yesterday... woke up.. go to mydin... bought some groceries... and quickly drove to JJ to meet my beloved ones... Peejot n Amal.. having lunch together.. went to visit my friend with her 2 babies... Nisa.. so cute of them.. Nisa, take a good care of yourself dear... then went back home.. mama said that she's going to Jakarta for some donation for the tsunami victims.. hope that mama will be good there... think that tonyte will be my busy nite.. open up the books.... read it! n practice it! i WILL!!!! dear.. u r seems to be far from me.. i think that u doesn't need me.. maybe.. take care..


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