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Tuesday, April 13, 2010


dear blog...
it's a disaster day today... tomorrow i got my 1st final paper for this semester.. very unlikely subject... i hate coz this subject make me READ n MEMORIZE!!!!!!!! shit... what he hell are this.. got headache from day till nyte.. Ya ALLAH.. please help me... i'm hoping that You'll guide me tomorrow... when i'm this situation.. i'll find the one whom always be my ears... ready to hear anything from me n give an advice... but not tonight.. he keep on saying that i'm wrong... FUCK! DAMN! am i??? it's all about carry marks... he said that it doesn't gud enuff... it's all my effort... is it my fault??? he SCOLDED me! really can't think.. my heart stop beating.. my mind stop thinking.. my lips stop talking.. I HATE U!

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