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Monday, June 21, 2010

reunite:bowling, lunch & gifts tour (✿◠‿◠)


hye followers.. feels great to write here again.. it's about happiness! last weekend, i'm having a great... really great day with my friends... ana, fafa, sal, ain, nwar, din, sam, aiman, fatah, faiz, acheng, ajim and me myself...

Friday; June 18, fatah arrived with ajim n faiz. came early as they wish to help me at home.. but as usual.. my mum n my maid already did it. thnx to them. my mum is so excited and she keep on asking when they will be here in Melaka.. as fatah arrived Melaka, i went to Ayer Keroh to fetch him as he don't even know Melaka's roadway.. brought them back to my house at Bachang.. meet with my mum... then it's the time for me to pack my stuff cause we're having our reunion at my hometown, Machap.. after all.. me, my mum with fatah n da gang went to Mydin to buy all the BBQ stuff... pick this.. throw that... pick that throw this.. hahaha :) funny! when the teenagers doing an adult stuff! such a mess!!!! rite?? move on... after that.. i brought them again with my messy driving.. to a stall.. to take the SATAY that my mum had ordered earlier.. as we arrived there, faiz said that he's starving.. pity on him.. called my mum n she said that dinner is ready!!!! happy?? back to hometown.. took our bath.. then having the dinner! :) can't wait for the day after...

Saturday; June 19, early in the morning.. get ready to pick up the rest at Alor Gajah Bus Station.. ana and the rest reached Melaka at 10.30 a.m.. around that time.. then we went straight to Melaka International Bowling Centre, MIBC. having fun :) played bowling for 2 games... here are some pixx.. love em' all...

arrival :)

the whole packages of the REUNITE!

i'm in action :P

last snap b4 lunch time :))

next, we had our lunch at Nasi Ayam Gemas Mustafah (original).. at Bukit Beruang.. hey wanna know whut?? even we were waiting for lunch, we still can snap a lotsa of pitcha... here you go...

can't wait!

we :)

us :)

starving :P

full with Nasi Ayam.. then we moved on to Mahkota Parade... to find some gift.. which most of us haven't buy yet.. the journey of a secret gift.. nice name huh?? not only searching for the gifts... yet we still make a pose for some pixx!! hang on!

all the girls :)

girls again :)

alright... the day had end.. when it comes to night... something GREAT had happen... wait till da next post dear... take care...

with love,


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