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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

hang out with brotha!

assalamualaikum :)

hye kwn2 :) how's everybody?? hope that uols feeling good! okay! igt lg x aku penah cite psl Iss n Adiq kt entry MENGGEDIKS! haa this entry pon psl diorg gak :) lately slalu la jgk kuar ngan diorg.. there is only one word that can describe what i feel when i'm with them.. HAPPY! they never made me sad! never okay! they know how to treat me well! that's why i love them so much! more than my BF (if i ever had :D)

okay then, but for this time, housemate diorg ikot skali.. si Daus.. also my senior.. classmate kpd Adiq n Hermas! guess what?? aku kuar ngan diorg ntok teman kn Daus tgok Legend of The Guardians (cte owl tuh).. it's my 2nd time.. and also in 3D again! x tau la korg tau ke x.. aku mmg sgt obses ngan OWL! link blog aku pon ade kena mngena ngan OWL.. my necklace sume burung hantu... ntah nape la.. 4 me OWL is CUTE! dgn mate besar terjojol... tgok org mcm nk mkn!! arghhh!!! nk bela 1 bole x??? i know it's impossible! mahal katenye... alamak! lari tajuk jap!

okay, kembali ke track asal.. b4 tgok wyg.. jln2 la jap kn.. cuci2 mata.. duit x bnyak nk shopping :D so, mcm biasa, bile jln2, msti la nk snap sane snap cni :P okay, on that day, aku x jd photographer.. Daus telah mengoffer diri ntok amek gmbr :) so aku, Iss n Adiq are models of the day :) nothing much to say, so have a look :)

i love them!

me n iss :)

housemates :)

okay, that's all dear :) we'll meet at the next entry :D thnx for reading :)
with love,

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