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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Chris Brown ➨ Jason Derulo

greets :)
hye all.. long time i haven't been here... the laziness had overcome everything now... class schedule are sucks yet till late evening.. erghh.. JERK! now.. what is this entry about??? CHRIS BROWN?? who is he? while, who's JASON DERULO then?? huh! addiction to dance made me obsessed of them.. both of them.. including Usher n also Will Smith.. but, Brown is no 1 in my heart.. ouh.. but.. why i've changed my interest to Jason?? not because Brown had beaten Rihanna.. n not also because Jason is really in fame now.. it's because........... Jason dance more perfect than Brown.. seriously.. it's true.. plus he's so talented n successful.. yet he's already started his tour around the world.. feel like i'm going to his tour this weekend.. can i?? may i?? will i?? nah.. it's impossible beb... i wish i could.. oh my... look.. even i've moved on to Jason.. it's not make me not into Brown anymore... NO! absolutely no!.. Chris Brown will always forever in my heart.. ever.. not to be forgotten :) this is bout them.. also.. i wanna add some.. there is 1 more artist that i really admire.. he is.. TIMBALAND.. cutie naughty bear! rawrrr :)) till then all dearie :)

Chris Brown

Jason Derulo

with love,


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